I Did A Social Media Audit…

I’ve been speaking with my inner circle lately about my 2022 writing goals. Everybody came to the same conclusion. I needed to do a better job of building my audience. In addition to that I’ve been doing a lot of personal development and listening to writing podcasts. I kept hearing the same thing so I decided to do something.

I audited my social media pages.

Anybody who actually purchased my book(s) or I built up a relationship with I added them to my email list (with their consent of course)

I’m super appreciative of the relationships I’ve built through social media but connecting with people off line is important too. Most of my connections were built through face to face interactions. Nowadays more emphasis is based on building your platform through social media.

Social media amplifies what already exists. Rarely does it catapult your book sales. Once I realized this I started moving accordingly. I’m constantly tinkering to see what works and what doesn’t. My goal is to feed my base. My email subscriber numbers aren’t where I want them to be, but I have one. And having one is a lot better than having nothing. Do you have a newsletter?

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3 tools for your writer toolkit #writingcommunity #amwriting

1. Study what worked before… but don’t be married to it.

As a creator I feel like it’s my job to study the creators that came before me.

I use what resonates with me as a rough outline. You get an idea of what works and go from there. I study marketing campaigns to see why people gravitated toward a particular product.

On the flip side just because it worked for another author doesn’t mean it will work for you. You have to find what’s unique about you and your work. That’s the hardest part.

2. Step outside of your comfort zone.

I’m a huge advocate for this. Doing what everyone else does is comfortable. I’ve been there. You’ve been there. Stepping out of my comfort zone is dabbling into other writing genres. I had never written a female lead character and finally took the plunge. I let fear douse my creative fire and that project laid dormant. Now the more I write about this character the more confident I become. It’s an incredible feeling.

3. Try something new

I’ve always been fascinated by marketing campaigns as I’ve stated before. When it’s time to market a book we as authors default to methods that have traditionally worked in the past.

I’m constantly trying to figure out new ways to say the same thing. Bring a fresh perspective to something familiar.

The moral of the story is to gain any traction with your writing you have to be willing to be uncomfortable and try things that aren’t guaranteed to work.

For some writers writing is a hobby. Some writers want to write full time and have a long lasting career.

I fall in the latter group.

How about you?

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