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Here is my bio:

Philadelphia native Marc Avery is a a husband, father, entrepreneur and habitual coffee drinker with a great imagination and an awesome beard. His debut novel, Redemption Lost, is a story of risk, restitution, and retribution. Marc lives in Delaware with his wife and children. When he’s not working, or writing his new crime fiction series, you can probably find him at Starbucks drinking iced coffee.

Also some random facts about me…

1). I’m 6 feet 2 inches and I’m the third tallest between my father and three brothers.

2). I prefer cereal at night.

3). I listen to R&B music when I type. (More specifically Tamia’s debut album, Tamia)

4). After I do a book signing I have to have chicken.

5). If a movie has car chases and explosions then sign me up.

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My 4 Goals for (the rest of) September 2020

You know summer is over when your favorite coffee spot has the Pumpkin Spice latte advertisements front and center. The last few months my creativity has been stifled. I had a few personal issues to deal with and my laptop died. I’m happy to report I’ve gotten a new laptop and I’m dealing with things as best I can. I’m learning that if I give myself deadlines it keeps me more focused and productive. Here goes nothing….

1. Finish another round of edits on my WIP. (A Recipe for Survival)

2. Find a content editor.

3. Find a graphic designer.

4. Start reading The City of Bones by Michael Connelly.

I have confidence that I can hit all those goals. Do you have any upcoming goals?

3 Classic Sixers Teams I want on NBA 2K21 #NBA2K21 #NBATwitter #NBABubble

One of my favorite things about playing 2K is the classic teams. (Although some of the teams are missing *cough* classic *cough* players. Sign the damn papers already.)

I like playing NBA finals matchups and I pick the Finals loser if I can match two teams up. For example I keep playing the 00-01 Sixers versus the 00-01 Lakers.  It makes the game fun and interesting.

Which brings me to the three classic Sixers teams I would like to see on NBA 2K21:

2011-12 Sixers (aka The Uncut Gems team) Roster

This team should not have made it past the first round. This team should not have won three games in the second round either. But boy did they earn those three wins in the second round. Behind a stingy defense (Opp PTS/G: 89.4 /3rd of 30) and a respectable .362 three point percentage. They scraped and clawed their way through a shortened season. They were playing with house money and they knew it. That’s what makes these type of teams fun. Their were no expectations and that what’s made the outcome bittersweet.

2017-2018 Sixers


The season that saw Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid team up for the first time. The duo didn’t disappoint either. They notched a 50+ win season for the first time since Iverson’s magical playoff run in the 2000-01 season. They also solidified themselves a dynamic duo for years to come. So when the playoffs came the expectations were high. They steamrolled the Heat and looked like they would give Boston a run for their money. Instead they got their money taken. Despite the unfortunate outcome that team is one to remember.

2018-19 Sixers


Full disclosure.

I was all for the Jimmy Butler trade. (Although I loved Dario and Covington)

I was all for the Tobias trade. (Although I loved Shamet and at least one of those first round draft picks)

But there was a period of time when I soured on both trades.

However when the playoffs came I thought they had a chance to go far.

Then came Kawhi’s shot….

We got robbed of a full season of Embiid, Butler, Simmons, Harris and Redick.

At least NBA2K21 can give us that.



🚨Updated WIP January 2020 🚨 #writingcommunity #writer #amwriting #authors

I’m on my third edit of A Recipe for Survival. (The book will drop this year) I probably have two-three more edits before I have a final version of the book.

NostalgiaLand is an an idea in my head at this point.

I have a synopsis done for the untitled sequel to A Recipe for Survival.

I also have an Untitled Novella that’s about 40% done.

I’m really excited about these projects and I think the readers will be too.

Here is the synopsis for A Recipe for Survival:

Detective Adriannis “Aaden” Bravo is a highly decorated officer with a legendary clearance rate. Detective Aubrey Bryce is reckless, narcissistic, and a serial womanizer. After Aubrey’s transfer from West Chester to Philadelphia, he and Aaden are forced to work together.

Aaden is all about the job, Aubrey is all about the women, and their next case is all about survival.

Giuseppe “Discipline” Cain, cold-hearted, calculated, and resentful, turns Philadelphia into his own personal killing ground. No one in the city is safe after the death of an elected official’s family member.

Aaden and Aubrey have complementary skill sets, but can they cast aside their differences and stay alive long enough to bring Discipline to justice?

4 Things (I’m going to enjoy) in August and you should to @KwanTheWriter @ScaryStoriesMov @RickRoss @Power_STARZ

Here are those 4 things….

1. K’wan – Wrath

Anybody that knows me knows K’wan is my favorite author. I enjoy his sequels as much as the stand alone novels and this one looks real interesting. Off the name alone I know I’m in for some raw crime fiction. I can’t wait.

2.Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark – The Movie

I’ve read these books too many times to count. Now to see them played out on the big screen? Count me in. I might have to re-read the series one more time.

3. Power Season 6 part 1 & 2

Ghost vs. Everybody?

Too good to pass up.

4. Rick Ross – Port of Miami 2

Opulent. Luxurious. Miami.

That’s what I think of when I think of Rick Ross. He is an artist that I clear my schedule to listen to. This friday won’t be any different.

Writing Apps: Yes or No?

Editing is probably every (or some) author’s nightmare. Not only does it highlight the flaws of your work, but the process can be tedious. (How tedious? I’ve read my WIP backwards to ensure continuity)

I’ve learned to embrace the process of editing because ultimately it improves your work. Also, having the right editor(s) is key to maximizing your talent. I’m lucky enough to have several of them. They are knowledgeable, blunt, and hardworking.

My biggest problem was that I wrote and self edited at the same time. A big no-no. I was working twice as hard for no good reason. My agent steered me away from this and now writing has been a much smoother process.

That brings me to the above caption.

No app will replace an actual editor but at least you can give them a clean piece of material to work with.

I appreciate the Hemingway app and Slickwrite.com because of what they look for:

Long sentences

Difficult sentences

Passive voice




After I self-edit and run the manuscript through those two apps I usually have clean material. It gives me peace of mind. It also lessens the load on my editors.

When I finally turn in my current WIP then the real fireworks begin.

– M. Avery

My 2020 Writer Goals: What’s Yours? #WritingCommunity #writingcommmunity #amwritingfiction

Every year I tell myself I’m going to do more writer related activities. Every year I fail miserably.

Not this time.

Here are the five writer related activities I plan to do in 2020. I’m preparing for them now so there’s no excuses. (Fingers crossed)

1. Go to BookCon.

The pictures always look amazing and what’s not love about New York City+ books?

2. Experience a Writers Retreat.

I really need one.

3. Attend a local Comic Con.

If I can I like to support local organizations.

4. Set up more book signings.

Engagement. Engagement. Engagement.

5. Do 3-4 book festivals a year. (I might do this one in 2019 and next year)

Did I mention engagement?

What are some things you want to do for the rest of this year as well as 2020?

-Marc Avery





(Way too early) Sixers Thoughts/Predictions #Sixers #Joel Embiid #BenSimmons #MikeScottHive

I’ve been watching the Sixers for a long time. In my lifetime I can’t remember a time where the Sixers came into the season as a legitimate title contender. The 2001 Sixers were projected to be good but even the most dedicated fans wouldn’t have predicted them going to the NBA Finals.

Sorry for this tangent:

(I hated the Mutumbo trade and I still do. One day I’ll get over it. Or I won’t. I probably won’t. I definitely won’t)

I believe this team’s basement is around 50 wins. If everyone just replicates the season they had last year this happens. If Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid hit that next level I could see between 57 and 62 wins. What does that look like?

  1. Embiid plays around 29 to 33 minutes a game and cuts down on the turnovers.
  2. Simmons attacks the paint and pushes his free throw attempts to 5 per game. His free throw percentage goes up to at least 65%.
  3. The complimentary pieces play to their strengths.

I really think this team has a shot to be a top 5 defensive team. On defense you’re swapping out Redick for Richardson. (obvious upgrade) Horford’s basketball IQ is A1 and his passing ability should allow Ben Simmons to rack up points just by cutting to the basket.

Also the ability to lock up the other team will put the Sixers in transition. Ben would continue to be a nightmare flying up and down the court. Theoretically, he should be able to pass it to any of the other four starters and get a quality shot.

It’s going to be fun seeing how Josh Richardson is integrated into the offense and what his three point percentage ultimately looks like.

With that being said Tobias Harris is the X factor and he has 180 million reasons to be.

The last two seasons combined he’s shooting 40% from 3 on 5 attempts. He’s a legit shooter. Having a full season with Ben Simmons I’m confident he will average somewhere between 20 and 24 ppg. No question.

I always thought of Zhaire Smith as the Sixers version of Marcus Smart, but way more athletic and could be a better shooter. Just a absolute terror on defense who will lose fools on back door cuts. Look for his arm to get tired everytime he points to the sky for an alley oop.

I just want Bolden, Milton and Thybulle to be able to play spot minutes. Although I believe Bolden and Milton can make solid contributions next year I’m just not certain if they will.

Lastly, the Sixers chances of hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy rest on the broad shoulders of a Cameroonian superstar and social media legend by the name of Joel Hans Embiid.

After flaming out in the playoffs the last two seasons I think he is in line for a monster season. (28 ppg, 15 rpg, 4 apg) I’m sure he heard the chatter about the best big men in the game. I’m also sure he doesn’t want to go out in the second round again.

The bottom line is this team is only going as far as Embiid and Simmons takes them. If their games mesh the way they’re supposed to Philly fans just might see a parade down Broad Street.

Side Note:

Some idiot on Twitter said he didn’t understand why Philadelphia likes Mike Scott.

This is why.

-M. A





Dear Authors: Please back up your work (multiple times if you can) #WritingCommunity #writerscommunity #writercommunity #amwritingfiction #amediting

I have been writing far too long for this to happen to me again. (My flash drive is corrupted and I lost some projects) I’m sure every author has experienced the loss of their work at some point. It isn’t a great feeling and can be easily avoided.

Or at least it should be.

So quick story:

When I found about my corrupted flash drive I emailed myself what I could salvage.

So, I had been neglecting a novella I started and wanted to dive back into that world. The only problem is that when I opened the word doc the word count showed 0.

Immediate panic set in. I know 6000 words isn’t alot, but it was mine. To lose it out of nowhere hurt like hell.

After searching through 300+ emails I conceded defeat…but only for a moment.

I took a deep breath and decided to write some notes to refer back to later. The story is in my head already. Now I have to write from scratch. I figure I will attack the synopsis first since I had that in my phone already.

In preparation for my (smarter) writing future I’m getting a new flash drive, downloading Google docs, and purchasing a scanner. Anyway I can preserve my work I’m going to do it.

I don’t want to see any other authors go through this. Backup your work multiple times if you can. Save yourself the heartache.

I’ve had enough for all of us.

-Marc Avery

Jonah Bolden (should) be a rotation player. #Sixers #SixersOutsiders #nbatwitter #76ers

Bryan Colangelo’s name is mud in Philadelphia. His underwhelming tenure ended with #Burnergate and probably should’ve never started in the first place. I wasn’t sad to see him go. #sixerstwitter wasn’t either. I love them.

Through all of his boneheaded transactions and/or draft picks the one I’ve always been fascinated with is Jonah Bolden.

I think there is a NBA rotation player in there somewhere. He has the tools. At 6’10 with a 7’3 wingspan he should theoretically be able to protect the rim and provide the occasional three (33.5 % on 2.2 attempts)

Watching him you can see the outline of a useful NBA player. At this point he just hasn’t put it all together yet. He fouls an awful lot and isn’t always in the correct spots on defense.

Because of this Brett Brown has him on a short leash. I’m hoping the addition of Al Horford lights a competitive fire under him. Who better to learn from?

This year will be interesting to see which one of the Sixers young players pop. We need cheap talent to contribute since we are so top heavy.

Here’s to hoping Jonah Bolden can sneak into the rotation and figure it out.

Side note:

I’m totally prepared for him to surprise the hell out of everyone or be flipped at the deadline. In today’s NBA anything can happen. And I mean anything.

-Marc Avery

🚨Updated WIP List July 2019🚨 #WritingCommunity #amwriting #amwritingfiction #amediting

With A Recipe for Survival I’m 52 % done with the self edit. (1st draft)

After that it goes to my agent.

The untitled sequel to A Recipe for Survival is 40 % done (super rough draft)

NostalgiaLand is an an idea in my head at this point

Untitled Young Adult/New Adult Novel 15 % done

Untitled Novella 10 % done-

I’m really excited about this one and I think the readers will be too.

Here is the synopsis for A Recipe for Survival:

Detective Adriannis “Aaden” Bravo is a highly decorated officer with a legendary clearance rate. Detective Aubrey Bryce is reckless, narcissistic, and a serial womanizer. After Aubrey’s transfer from narcotics to homicide, he and Aaden are forced into working together.

Aaden is all about the job, Aubrey is all about the women, and their next case is all about survival.

Giuseppe “Discipline” Cain is cold-hearted, calculated, and resentful. After he is released from prison, he turns Philadelphia into his own personal killing ground. No one in the city is safe—not men, not women, not even the family members of an elected official.

Aaden and Aubrey have the complimentary skillsets to solve the case, but can they cast aside their differences and stay alive long enough to bring Discipline to justice?

All love,

Marc Avery