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Philadelphia native Marc Avery is a a husband, father, entrepreneur and habitual coffee drinker with a great imagination and an awesome beard. His debut novel, Redemption Lost, is a story of risk, restitution, and retribution. Marc lives in Delaware with his wife and children. When he’s not working, or writing his new crime fiction series, you can probably find him at Starbucks drinking iced coffee.

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“Local” isn’t a dirty word.

As authors sometimes our goals are on a straight line:

Worldwide fame and notoriety. A lot of money.

As much as we would love to explode right to the top it doesn’t work that way. In order to be a national bestselling author you have to go through two preceding steps:

Being a local and regional author first.

Somewhere along the way the word local has become a dirty word. No one wants that word attached to their artistry. The thing about being local is every author has a starting point and that’s not a negative thing.

The trajectory of an author would be local ➡️ regional ➡️ national. Once every level is saturated you can go to the next one. None of the levels after local can be attained before you master the local scene.

Even as we navigate through this horrible pandemic check in on your local indie bookseller and library. You can still take out books and e-books from your local library. You can still order online from your local bookstore.

Build a rapport with your community booksellers and readers. You should know their names and they should know yours. The further along you get in your journey the more people you met. The goal is to convert those people into supporters. Give them incentives to continue their support and let them know what they mean to your journey.

Those supporters will make up your distribution network. That distribution network will carry your future titles to success. All because you went from local, regional, to national.

– Marc Avery

4 Helpful Writing Resources #writerwednesday #writingcommunity

On Writer Wednesdays I will highlight something in the publishing world that I believe would be helpful to other writers.

When I first starting looking for a agent I identified resources that I thought would help my fellow writers. A fellow writer introduced me to a wonderful woman named Marcela Landres. Marcela introduced me to the Publishers Marketplace. Boy did it help. The monthly cost ($25) is worth it for the information you gain. And you can cancel any time you want. The site allows you to see what agents are making the most deals and with who. You can see what genres are selling the most and for how much. That information is valuable because you know who to target and what kind of deals they negotiate.

Before you get to the process above you need a polished query letter. I researched everything I could on query letters and came across the QueryShark. She is a phenomenal resource for authors and she gives in depth examples of query letters that actually work. Definitely a great Twitter follow.

Years ago, I attended a writer group in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania and met an agent named Marie Lamba. She gave a short speech about attracting a literary agent and her words stuck with me. She said your manuscript has to be in the best shape possible before you submit to an agent. The manuscript should be comparable to traditionally published books in your genre. There are thousands of unpublished authors vying for attention and you need something that sets you apart from the crowd. Attention to detail is a start.

Marc Avery

Monday Motivation @MargaretAtwood

I love this writing tip from Margaret Atwood. Too many times we’re apprehensive about starting a project. The truth is you don’t know how something will turn out if you don’t try. I’ve been scared to start projects and wasted a lot of time on procrastination. There is no perfect time. Do it while you’re scared. Start now!

🎯uthor M🎯rc 🎯very

Why The Hell Isn’t New York Undercover on DVD?

I know we have a lot of dope TV shows on the air right now, but Fox’s Thursday night trifecta of Living Single, Martin, and New York Undercover couldn’t be touched.

I watched the show faithfully right up until they killed Eddie off.

That stunt was unforgivable and they really tried to continue the show, too. The operative word being ‘tried’.

They bricked the attempt.

The show had an unforced coolness. It looked natural and the backdrop of New York City helped enhance the visual.

I wanted to go to Natalie’s like it existed in real life.

Andre Harrell and Dick Wolf seemed to fuse two worlds together perfectly.

I assumed that I would just cop the first three seasons and be a happy man.


The show has never appeared on DVD. It ain’t on Netflix. It ain’t on HULU. It’s barely in syndication.

Truth be told it pisses me off.

It was a great show and I hope sometime in the near future it gets a proper release to a streaming service or on DVD.

In the meantime I’ll keep listening to this.