Four Goals for the 2018 Sixers

The development of Markelle Fultz

First and foremost I just want to see the kid on the court fully healthy. He can’t stay in bubble wrap all year. At some point he has to get on the floor and gel with his teammates. You get game experience by playing the game. For the record I still make that trade 100 times out of 100. (At the time of this writing video was released of him practicing. I will take all I can get.)

Dario Saric stabilizing our bench units

My ideal role for Dario would be the leader of our second unit. His ball handling skills and much needed scoring punch will give us the sixth man we’ve sorely lacked. The bench players should feed off his energy.

Cut down on our turnovers

I would like to see our team play within their limits. Slow down. Make the simple pass. Execute the high percentage play.

The development of Ben Simmons’ Jumper

I don’t care if he bricks every jump shot. The win is in the attempt. You have to keep the defense honest. The threat of a jumper opens up the pick and roll too. The more he can knock down jumpers the more of a offensive threat he and the team becomes.

If these things happen on the consistent basis I think we can sneak into the playoffs. 

– Marc


Do Goodreads Giveaways help?

So far this year I’ve done two Goodreads giveaways. Each time I gave away five copies of my book, Redemption Lost. The first time 698 people entered the giveaway and the second time 794 people entered.

With this project I wanted to build something sustainable. Readers are the foundation on which careers are built. If you have no readers then you have no career. Pretty simple stuff.

Before I decided to do a giveaway I did the proper research on possible outcomes, costs, and effectiveness. So I went into this thing with the proper expectations. I expected to get eyeballs on my project.

A total of 1,492 people entered both contests. Out of that total 477 people put me on their to read shelf. I’ll take that trade off everyday of the week.

At the end of the day its all marketing and you have to be strategic in how you build your platform. I’m building mine reader by reader. I’ve met some awesome people during this journey and I can’t wait to give them another project.

One of the biggest things an author hopes for is conversation. You hope that your work gets a person excited enough to tell someone else.

Word of mouth is still an author’s best friend.

Do Goodreads giveaways help?

Yes. It just depends on your expectations.


What is success (to you)?

I’ve always found the word success interesting. People have their own classifications of what they deem successful.

I remember back in the 90’s and then in the early 2000’s selling a million units was an achievable milestone that could only be achieved by a select few. To many people that was the pinnacle of success in music.

Some people think that the success is in the attempt. Some people think that success is at the point of creation.

I believe success is a destination that you personally set, but that doesn’t mean you have to set the bar low.

I’m not scared to dream anymore. We often put ourselves in a box that we close shut. I refuse to do so anymore. Standing in my own way stunted my growth and all I can do from this point forward is learn and move on.

I want to reach a lot of different levels of success. I’m ahead of the game because I know how much work is required to reach those heights.

There are days when I get frustrated with the process. There are days when my emails aren’t replied to. There are days when people don’t pick up the phone. However, I won’t let the little things deter me. I’m a freight train and nothing will slow my speed.

Knowing what you want is one thing. Knowing how you intend to obtain what you want is another thing altogether.

In order to be more successful I’m going to be better at time management and setting realistic goals.

I know as long as I stay the course I will reach my destination.

Respecting Your Time

I did a small tour from May through June to promote the release of my new book Redemption Lost. I sold some books and met some incredible people.

Then I got a new job and my priorities shifted. My last signing was almost a month ago and I’m in the process of putting together some more tour dates.

I say that to say I always feel like I’m in a time crunch. At first I was frustrated. Then I thought long and hard about how to fix the problem.

I figured you have to stick to a regiment. What I started to do was find small pockets of time to work. Then I try to dedicate at least a few hours on Saturday and Sunday to writing and editing no matter what. Writing is just as important as any other thing I need to do and I’m treating it as such.

My hope is that these small pockets of time will allow me to finish more projects. I have a few that need to be completed like yesterday.

Time management is key to any business structure and I’m ready to be more respectful of the time I do have rather than complain about the time that I don’t.

JK Rowling, 95 Million, and unfathomable success

Every year I anticipate reading the Forbes list of top earning authors. Pretty much every year the list is the same. (Where the author ranks sometimes shuffles)

When I saw that JK Rowling was 3rd on the list of top paid celebrities in 2017 I smiled.

I’ve long been fascinated with her publishing journey.

The way you know something is big is when it reaches you without you being invested in it. I haven’t read a single page of a Harry Potter Novel, but I know about him and his story.

I remember working at Amazon and when a new Harry Potter novel would come out everything else became irrelevant.

I knew the books were huge, but when the movies came along this thing exploded.

If I ever got the chance to speak with Ms. Rowling I would ask her did she see this level of success.

Success means different things to different people. I get that, but 500 million books sold and a 8 billion dollar franchise?

Those numbers are insane.

At this point in my writing journey I’m self aware enough to know where I am. Sometimes writers get blinded by the success of others.  Then they measure where they are to where others are.

Building a foundation starts with the fist brick. That brick turns into more bricks. Those bricks turn into a solid foundation. Something you can stand on.

I want sustainable success and I’m being methodical in my approach. I have small goals, intermediate goals, and huge goals.

Here is a quick list of things I think I will help me in my author journey.

Building a serious platform of supporters

Saturate the city I live in. (local, regional, and then national)

Travel outside of my comfort zone

I put together a marketing plan to accommodate the release of Redemption Lost. So far so good.

Can I do better? I think I can.

Let me rephrase. I know I can because I won’t stop until I reach my goals.




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Here is my bio:

MARC AVERY is a Philadelphia native and Redemption Lost is his debut novel. He is currently working on a thriller series. He lives in Delaware with his wife and children.

Also some random facts about me…

1). I’m 6 feet 2 inches and I’m the third tallest between my father and three brothers.

2). I prefer cereal at night.

3). I listen to R&B music when I type. (More specifically Tamia’s debut album, Tamia)

4). After I do a book signing I have to have chicken.

5). If a movie has car chases and explosions then sign me up.



My First Books-A-Million Booksigning

Over the weekend I did my first signing in a national chain bookstore. I’m not going to lie, it felt good. In some people’s eyes placement in those types of stores legitimizes you.

I feel like I’m legit wherever I go. However I will say that being able to say wherever books are sold certainly does help.

I thought I prepared for the signing. I sent promo material that didn’t make it to the bookstore. At first I was disappointed because I wanted to have some awarness before I actually came to the store. That plan fizzled quickly.

I regrouped and did what I normally do.

Engage with the people. 

I must have handed out over a hundred bookmarks and had a short conversation with nearly every person that walked in the bookstore.

I enjoyed the two hours I spent at the store. The staff was incredible and the people that came into the store listened to my spiel. I couldn’t have been happier.

I’m planning on going back in the near future.

Next time I do a signing we have to order more books and I’m hoping to sell out again.

The tour rolls on…