‘BOSCH’: One Of The Great Cop Shows You (Probably) Never Heard Of.

Back in 2017, after a successful book event in Silver Springs, Maryland, I returned home feeling quite pleased with the outcome. As I settled in, I turned on Amazon Prime and noticed an advertisement for a show called “Bosch.” The name was familiar to me as I had read a few of the novels adapted from the Michael Connelly book series. Intrigued, I clicked play. For the next five hours, I was completely absorbed in the episodes of Bosch, and over the following weeks, I eagerly devoured the entire season, as well as the preceding ones.

The Plot

The “Bosch” series revolves around Harry Bosch, a highly decorated detective known for his tendency to break rules. Despite this, Bosch never crosses the line into corruption. Throughout the series, he tackles a range of cases, from the murder of a prominent Hollywood producer to the pursuit of a serial killer targeting prostitutes in Los Angeles. Bosch’s dedication to his cases is personal, and he operates under the mantra “Everybody counts or nobody counts.” The show’s cases are intricately constructed, with a web of clues and unexpected turns that keep viewers guessing until the final moments.

The Characters

One of the standout features of “Bosch” is the show’s attention to its characters, both major and minor. Harry Bosch is a complex character whose troubled past continues to haunt him as he navigates his job as a detective. In addition to Bosch, the supporting cast is also well-developed, with characters like his partner, Jerry Edgar, Chief Irvin Irving, his daughter Madeline, his ex-wife, Eleanor, and his boss Lt. Grace Billets, all adding layers of depth and nuance to the series. Even bit characters, such as witnesses or suspects, receive attention and development, further contributing to the fully realized world of “Bosch.” The city of Los Angeles is a significant character in the series, second only to Harry, and its importance cannot be understated. As someone from the east coast, I enjoy witnessing the city’s highlights such as In-N-Out burger, The Capitol Building, Musso & Frank Grill, and more. Depending on the episode, the setting can be either glitzy or grimey, showcasing the city under several different lights. Harry and the city work in conjunction, and the series benefits greatly from this dynamic.

The Production

“Bosch” is a show that perfectly captures the gritty, noirish feel of its Los Angeles setting. The attention to detail in production design, such as the realistic depiction of crime scenes and police procedures, adds to the show’s authenticity. Each plot pits Bosch against a formidable foe, and just when you think he’s met his match, he surprises you. The variety of ways he escapes danger is believable and doesn’t require you to suspend disbelief.

There’s no wasted dialogue or scenes. Everyone has a purpose and the proper amount of screen time to justify their existence in the story. Even when characters meet at a diner, something is being plotted and strategized. It’s the small things, such as stakeouts, realism in the fight scenes, and actual solving of crimes that make the show so enjoyable and the tension palpable.

After finishing all 7 seasons, the arrival of “Bosch: Legacy” in 2022 was a thrill. The cycle continued, and after the conclusion of the first season’s 10th episode, the need for another season was overwhelming. The show’s setup allows it to continue on indefinitely, and the news of its continuation into the foreseeable future was a source of happiness. It’s my hope that more people will discover the greatness in the show that I’ve seen.

Overall, “Bosch” stands out as a cut above the rest of the police procedurals on television. It incorporates recognizable aspects of other shows, but the way it interweaves those components makes it unique. Titus Welliver was born to play Bosch, and I couldn’t imagine another actor breathing life into the character like he has. Whether you’re a fan of the books or simply looking for a new show to binge-watch, “Bosch” is a show worth investing your time in.

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