Jonah Bolden (should) be a rotation player. #Sixers #SixersOutsiders #nbatwitter #76ers

Bryan Colangelo’s name is mud in Philadelphia. His underwhelming tenure ended with #Burnergate and probably should’ve never started in the first place. I wasn’t sad to see him go. #sixerstwitter wasn’t either. I love them.

Through all of his boneheaded transactions and/or draft picks the one I’ve always been fascinated with is Jonah Bolden.

I think there is a NBA rotation player in there somewhere. He has the tools. At 6’10 with a 7’3 wingspan he should theoretically be able to protect the rim and provide the occasional three (33.5 % on 2.2 attempts)

Watching him you can see the outline of a useful NBA player. At this point he just hasn’t put it all together yet. He fouls an awful lot and isn’t always in the correct spots on defense.

Because of this Brett Brown has him on a short leash. I’m hoping the addition of Al Horford lights a competitive fire under him. Who better to learn from?

This year will be interesting to see which one of the Sixers young players pop. We need cheap talent to contribute since we are so top heavy.

Here’s to hoping Jonah Bolden can sneak into the rotation and figure it out.

Side note:

I’m totally prepared for him to surprise the hell out of everyone or be flipped at the deadline. In today’s NBA anything can happen. And I mean anything.

-Marc Avery