Do Goodreads Giveaways help?

So far this year I’ve done two Goodreads giveaways. Each time I gave away five copies of my book, Redemption Lost. The first time 698 people entered the giveaway and the second time 794 people entered.

With this project I wanted to build something sustainable. Readers are the foundation on which careers are built. If you have no readers then you have no career. Pretty simple stuff.

Before I decided to do a giveaway I did the proper research on possible outcomes, costs, and effectiveness. So I went into this thing with the proper expectations. I expected to get eyeballs on my project.

A total of 1,492 people entered both contests. Out of that total 477 people put me on their to read shelf. I’ll take that trade off everyday of the week.

At the end of the day its all marketing and you have to be strategic in how you build your platform. I’m building mine reader by reader. I’ve met some awesome people during this journey and I can’t wait to give them another project.

One of the biggest things an author hopes for is conversation. You hope that your work gets a person excited enough to tell someone else.

Word of mouth is still an author’s best friend.

Do Goodreads giveaways help?

Yes. It just depends on your expectations.



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Philadelphia native Marc Avery is a a husband, father, entrepreneur and habitual coffee drinker with a great imagination and an awesome beard. His debut novel, Redemption Lost, is a story of risk, restitution, and retribution. Marc lives in Delaware with his wife and children. When he’s not working, or writing his new crime fiction series, you can probably find him at Starbucks drinking iced coffee.

Also some random facts about me…

1). I’m 6 feet 2 inches and I’m the third tallest between my father and three brothers.

2). I prefer cereal at night.

3). I listen to R&B music when I type. (More specifically Tamia’s debut album, Tamia)

4). After I do a book signing I have to have chicken.

5). If a movie has car chases and explosions then sign me up.

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Martin VS. Fresh Prince: 5 Burning Questions To Determine The Better Reboot.

RIP to Tommy and Uncle Phil.

Quick question.

If every member of these two shows were alive today which show would have the better reboot?

Here is an arbitrary five questions to make a determination.


Lets go!

Who is better between Martin and Will?

Martin topples Will in the comedic department and it’s not even close. Once you factor in the characters that Martin plays Will can’t keep up. Although Will’s daily clowning of Carlton certainly does make things interesting though.

Who has the better cast members?

Martin has Dragon Fly Jones.

Fresh Prince does not.

End of Story.

Who has the better theme song?


Who would have more meme worthy material?

As I stated above, Martin has Dragon Fly Jones.

Fresh Prince does not.

End of Story.

Does either show have a cast member worthy of a spin off? If so how many?

Sign me up for the Cole and Pam show. Cole’s show is built around his stupidity and Pam’s show is built around her inability to find a man.

You’re welcome.

As far as Fresh Prince goes I would have to go with Jazz. His show would be similar to Cole’s. Would it work? Probably not, but man would I tune in.

Well there you have it folks. Martin’s reboot would be better than Fresh Prince’s reboot.

All Love,

Marc Avery





I Want My Books Adapted To Film

Every time I walk into a bookstore I curiously glance at the books to film section. It’s always littered with novels I didn’t know existed. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie and not know it was adapted from a book. Some of my favorite movies are book adaptations.

I’ve always wanted one of my books to be put on the big screen. I want people to pack the theater and yell at the screen while spilling popcorn. Or high fiving each or having an emotional moment.

I would even be okay with a made for television movie that the producers put time, effort and attention into. (Nothing too cheesy though)

When it’s done right the movie can take a character off the page and breath life into them. When it’s done wrong it can disrespect the source material.

In essence a film gives a book a longer shelf life. It might even make people go back and check out the book.

Maybe one day I can have that experience.

A man can dream right?

Why The Hell Isn’t New York Undercover on DVD?

I know we have a lot of dope TV shows on the air right now, but Fox’s Thursday night trifecta of Living Single, Martin, and New York Undercover couldn’t be touched.

I watched the show faithfully right up until they killed Eddie off.

That stunt was unforgivable and they really tried to continue the show, too. The operative word being ‘tried’.

They bricked the attempt.

The show had an unforced coolness. It looked natural and the backdrop of New York City helped enhance the visual.

I wanted to go to Natalie’s like it existed in real life.

Andre Harrell and Dick Wolf seemed to fuse two worlds together perfectly.

I assumed that I would just cop the first three seasons and be a happy man.


The show has never appeared on DVD. It ain’t on Netflix. It ain’t on HULU. It’s barely in syndication.

Truth be told it pisses me off.

It was a great show and I hope sometime in the near future it gets a proper release to a streaming service or on DVD.

In the meantime I’ll keep listening to this.


I Miss Borders

I enjoy going to Barnes and Noble. I also enjoy going to my neighborhood independent bookstores.

However, I miss going to Borders.

I don’t remember when I began going to Borders, but I had some good times there. Their coffee was solid. (Not as good as Starbucks. Still good nonetheless)

More than anything I enjoyed the atmosphere. The books I wanted to read were easy to find and I was always close to a location.

I did a lot of writing, reading, and coffee drinking there.

Then just like that they were gone. I thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel when I heard whispers of a merger. Sadly that opportunity never materialized into anything serious.

Now all I have are the memories.




A Star Is Born: Jay Z’s Most Pettiest Verse

Jay Z released an album called Blueprint 3 some years ago. There were a few hits on there. You may have heard some of them.

After repeated listens of “A Star is Born” I noticed HOV was throwing petty jabs instead of giving props. Its damn hilarious.

The first verse on A Star is Born finds finds HOV at his most pettiest.

I took the liberty of breaking down the pettiness for you.

You’re welcome:

[Verse One: Jay-Z] 
I seen Mase do it, I seen ‘Ye do it 
X came through, caught lighter fluid 
Still I came through it, clap for ’em
But I’m the blueprint, I’m like the map for ’em

Translation: You guys sold records, but I’m still here and you’re not. (Excluding ‘Ye of course)

Translation using Jay Z lyrics: When Puff was in that tub spilling Mo’
I was at my video, Cris’ on the speedboat
“In My Lifetime,” nigga, go through your research
St. Thomas, my nigga, that was me first

I dropped another classic, made Puff pass it, 
Nobody could touch Puff back when Puff had it

Translation: When Puff had it a.k.a. he doesn’t have it anymore and while I’m here he won’t have it.

Translation using Jay Z lyrics: Now run along wit’cha little ass hits. Read my rap sheet nigga, THREE CLASSICS

Wayne scorchin, I’ll applaud him 
If he keep goin, pass the torch to him

Translation: If he keep goin, pass the torch to him. He did keep going but not quite long enough. You sir don’t get the torch. 

Translation using Jay Z lyrics:  Play this shit while you play around with my crown

50 came through, like hurricanes do 
I thought I finished his ass at Summer jam Two

Translation: Like hurricanes do. Destructive but temporary.

Translation using Jay Z lyrics: So when I reload, he holds #1 position
When you hot I’m hot
And when your feet cold, mines is sizzling

I had the Illmatic, on bootleg 
The shit was so ahead, thought we was all dead

Translation: We are very much alive and I bought your CD illegally. 

Wayne did a milli, 50 did a milli
‘Ye too but what Em did was silly

Translation using Jay Z lyrics: Selling records being you, but still you want to be me

The white boy blossomed after Dre endorsed him 
His flow on “Renegade,” fuckin awesome, applaud him

Translation using Jay Z lyrics: But I will not lose, for even in defeat
There’s a valuable lesson learned, so it evens up for me

Drake’s up next, see what he do with it

Translation using Jay Z lyrics: When you 10 years in, holla back then

There you have it. Everything holds up except for Drake being the biggest rapper in the world.

Hey nobody bats a thousand.

Still petty though.