3 Classic Sixers Teams I want on NBA 2K21 #NBA2K21 #NBATwitter #NBABubble

One of my favorite things about playing 2K is the classic teams. (Although some of the teams are missing *cough* classic *cough* players. Sign the damn papers already.)

I like playing NBA finals matchups and I pick the Finals loser if I can match two teams up. For example I keep playing the 00-01 Sixers versus the 00-01 Lakers.  It makes the game fun and interesting.

Which brings me to the three classic Sixers teams I would like to see on NBA 2K21:

2011-12 Sixers (aka The Uncut Gems team) Roster

This team should not have made it past the first round. This team should not have won three games in the second round either. But boy did they earn those three wins in the second round. Behind a stingy defense (Opp PTS/G: 89.4 /3rd of 30) and a respectable .362 three point percentage. They scraped and clawed their way through a shortened season. They were playing with house money and they knew it. That’s what makes these type of teams fun. Their were no expectations and that what’s made the outcome bittersweet.

2017-2018 Sixers


The season that saw Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid team up for the first time. The duo didn’t disappoint either. They notched a 50+ win season for the first time since Iverson’s magical playoff run in the 2000-01 season. They also solidified themselves a dynamic duo for years to come. So when the playoffs came the expectations were high. They steamrolled the Heat and looked like they would give Boston a run for their money. Instead they got their money taken. Despite the unfortunate outcome that team is one to remember.

2018-19 Sixers


Full disclosure.

I was all for the Jimmy Butler trade. (Although I loved Dario and Covington)

I was all for the Tobias trade. (Although I loved Shamet and at least one of those first round draft picks)

But there was a period of time when I soured on both trades.

However when the playoffs came I thought they had a chance to go far.

Then came Kawhi’s shot….

We got robbed of a full season of Embiid, Butler, Simmons, Harris and Redick.

At least NBA2K21 can give us that.



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