4 Things (I’m going to enjoy) in August and you should to @KwanTheWriter @ScaryStoriesMov @RickRoss @Power_STARZ

Here are those 4 things….

1. K’wan – Wrath

Anybody that knows me knows K’wan is my favorite author. I enjoy his sequels as much as the stand alone novels and this one looks real interesting. Off the name alone I know I’m in for some raw crime fiction. I can’t wait.

2.Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark – The Movie

I’ve read these books too many times to count. Now to see them played out on the big screen? Count me in. I might have to re-read the series one more time.

3. Power Season 6 part 1 & 2

Ghost vs. Everybody?

Too good to pass up.

4. Rick Ross – Port of Miami 2

Opulent. Luxurious. Miami.

That’s what I think of when I think of Rick Ross. He is an artist that I clear my schedule to listen to. This friday won’t be any different.

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