Writing Apps: Yes or No?

Editing is probably every (or some) author’s nightmare. Not only does it highlight the flaws of your work, but the process can be tedious. (How tedious? I’ve read my WIP backwards to ensure continuity)

I’ve learned to embrace the process of editing because ultimately it improves your work. Also, having the right editor(s) is key to maximizing your talent. I’m lucky enough to have several of them. They are knowledgeable, blunt, and hardworking.

My biggest problem was that I wrote and self edited at the same time. A big no-no. I was working twice as hard for no good reason. My agent steered me away from this and now writing has been a much smoother process.

That brings me to the above caption.

No app will replace an actual editor but at least you can give them a clean piece of material to work with.

I appreciate the Hemingway app and Slickwrite.com because of what they look for:

Long sentences

Difficult sentences

Passive voice




After I self-edit and run the manuscript through those two apps I usually have clean material. It gives me peace of mind. It also lessens the load on my editors.

When I finally turn in my current WIP then the real fireworks begin.

– M. Avery

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