My 2020 Writer Goals: What’s Yours? #WritingCommunity #writingcommmunity #amwritingfiction

Every year I tell myself I’m going to do more writer related activities. Every year I fail miserably.

Not this time.

Here are the five writer related activities I plan to do in 2020. I’m preparing for them now so there’s no excuses. (Fingers crossed)

1. Go to BookCon.

The pictures always look amazing and what’s not love about New York City+ books?

2. Experience a Writers Retreat.

I really need one.

3. Attend a local Comic Con.

If I can I like to support local organizations.

4. Set up more book signings.

Engagement. Engagement. Engagement.

5. Do 3-4 book festivals a year. (I might do this one in 2019 and next year)

Did I mention engagement?

What are some things you want to do for the rest of this year as well as 2020?

-Marc Avery





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