(Way too early) Sixers Thoughts/Predictions #Sixers #Joel Embiid #BenSimmons #MikeScottHive

I’ve been watching the Sixers for a long time. In my lifetime I can’t remember a time where the Sixers came into the season as a legitimate title contender. The 2001 Sixers were projected to be good but even the most dedicated fans wouldn’t have predicted them going to the NBA Finals.

Sorry for this tangent:

(I hated the Mutumbo trade and I still do. One day I’ll get over it. Or I won’t. I probably won’t. I definitely won’t)

I believe this team’s basement is around 50 wins. If everyone just replicates the season they had last year this happens. If Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid hit that next level I could see between 57 and 62 wins. What does that look like?

  1. Embiid plays around 29 to 33 minutes a game and cuts down on the turnovers.
  2. Simmons attacks the paint and pushes his free throw attempts to 5 per game. His free throw percentage goes up to at least 65%.
  3. The complimentary pieces play to their strengths.

I really think this team has a shot to be a top 5 defensive team. On defense you’re swapping out Redick for Richardson. (obvious upgrade) Horford’s basketball IQ is A1 and his passing ability should allow Ben Simmons to rack up points just by cutting to the basket.

Also the ability to lock up the other team will put the Sixers in transition. Ben would continue to be a nightmare flying up and down the court. Theoretically, he should be able to pass it to any of the other four starters and get a quality shot.

It’s going to be fun seeing how Josh Richardson is integrated into the offense and what his three point percentage ultimately looks like.

With that being said Tobias Harris is the X factor and he has 180 million reasons to be.

The last two seasons combined he’s shooting 40% from 3 on 5 attempts. He’s a legit shooter. Having a full season with Ben Simmons I’m confident he will average somewhere between 20 and 24 ppg. No question.

I always thought of Zhaire Smith as the Sixers version of Marcus Smart, but way more athletic and could be a better shooter. Just a absolute terror on defense who will lose fools on back door cuts. Look for his arm to get tired everytime he points to the sky for an alley oop.

I just want Bolden, Milton and Thybulle to be able to play spot minutes. Although I believe Bolden and Milton can make solid contributions next year I’m just not certain if they will.

Lastly, the Sixers chances of hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy rest on the broad shoulders of a Cameroonian superstar and social media legend by the name of Joel Hans Embiid.

After flaming out in the playoffs the last two seasons I think he is in line for a monster season. (28 ppg, 15 rpg, 4 apg) I’m sure he heard the chatter about the best big men in the game. I’m also sure he doesn’t want to go out in the second round again.

The bottom line is this team is only going as far as Embiid and Simmons takes them. If their games mesh the way they’re supposed to Philly fans just might see a parade down Broad Street.

Side Note:

Some idiot on Twitter said he didn’t understand why Philadelphia likes Mike Scott.

This is why.

-M. A





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