🚨Updated 2019 WIP List🚨

A Recipe for Survival 90 % done

Untitled sequel to A Recipe for Survival 40 % done

NostalgiaLand An idea in my head at this point

Untitled Young Adult/New Adult Novel 15 % done

Untitled Novella 10 % done

Here is the synopsis for A Recipe for Survival:

Detective Adriannis “Aaden” Bravo is a highly decorated officer with a legendary clearance rate. Detective Aubrey Bryce is reckless, narcissistic, and a serial womanizer. After Aubrey’s transfer from narcotics to homicide, he and Aaden are forced into working together.

Aaden is all about the job, Aubrey is all about the women, and their next case is all about survival.

Giuseppe “Discipline” Cain is cold-hearted, calculated, and resentful. After he is released from prison, he turns Philadelphia into his own personal killing ground. No one in the city is safe—not men, not women, not even the family members of an elected official.

Aaden and Aubrey have the complimentary skillsets to solve the case, but can they cast aside their differences and stay alive long enough to bring Discipline to justice?

All love,

Marc Avery

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