Book Signings: Are they still relevant?

Today I want to talk about book signings. In the era of surging e-books sales they may seem irrelevant to some.

Not to me.

The value is immeasurable. I will let you in on a little secret. It’s less about selling actual books and more about building your platform and solidifying your relationship with the bookstores.

I’ve been to dozens of bookstores and I’ve had a unique experience with all of them. I’m always eager to see what their foot traffic looks like. How did they get the word out? Where are they going to place me in the store?

All of that is of the utmost importance. If they can’t see me they won’t know I’m there. If they don’t know I’m there why did I even show up?

However, the most important lesson is that all those things could be less than optimal. I’ve been seated in a blind spot before. I’ve been double booked before. I took it all in stride and still did my job with professionalism.

My most powerful weapon isn’t even the book. It’s my personally. They are buying me just as much as they’re buying my book. It’s the old adage “People buy from people they like.”

I mean the product has to be good too. I take pride in bringing people to my table. I like to get all my no people out of the way in order to make room for the yes people.

I’m a ball of energy when it’s time to sell but I keep the same energy if the person doesn’t purchase a book right then and there.

You never know who they are going to tell once they get back home.

I say all that to say book signings are what you make them. I view it as an opportunity for people to see the man behind the creation. Additionally, I love computers just as much as the next guy, but human interaction trumps all for me.

Book signings have allowed me to meet some pretty cool people and I can’t wait to meet many more.

-Mr. Avery

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