The Process is (Finally) Paying off

When Sam Hinkie was hired in 2013 nobody knew what to expect. Most people, me included, were in love with the idea of something good transpiring.

We were tired of being chained to the mediocrity treadmill. Realistically speaking since the mid 2000s we had been on the treadmill. We never had another superstar level player after AI. Sure we had high level role players but no one who moved the needle in a meaningful way.

Enter Sam Hinkie.

He used our best asset at the time (Jrue Holiday) for future lottery tickets. I’ve always felt like he knew he wouldn’t bat a thousand in the lottery but if he could land some elite talent the experiment would be a success.

Pundits love to criticize The Process. No one knew Michael Carter Williams was a Swiss army knife of nothingness, Nerlens development would stall, Jah was a stiff, Embiid would get injured again, Ben would get injured, or Markelle would be sidelined.

That’s a terrible string of bad luck. One or two of those things don’t happen and you have a lot of different scenarios. Sometimes you need luck.

Sitting at 32-25 I feel lucky as a fan. I think Ben and Joel have developed a solid chemistry and it’s spreading throughout the team.

They’ve cut down on the turnovers, turned up the defensive intensity, and utilized Joel as an offensive hub.

The Wells Fargo Center is constantly sold out and we have two Blue Chip talents. At some point this winning streak will end, but man it’s beautiful to see greatness in its infancy stage.

To see them in the playoffs would be an awesome accomplishment. It would mean that The Process is starting to bear fruit.

With Joel and Ben as our cornerstones the sky is the limit.


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