Four Goals for the 2018 Sixers

The development of Markelle Fultz

First and foremost I just want to see the kid on the court fully healthy. He can’t stay in bubble wrap all year. At some point he has to get on the floor and gel with his teammates. You get game experience by playing the game. For the record I still make that trade 100 times out of 100. (At the time of this writing video was released of him practicing. I will take all I can get.)

Dario Saric stabilizing our bench units

My ideal role for Dario would be the leader of our second unit. His ball handling skills and much needed scoring punch will give us the sixth man we’ve sorely lacked. The bench players should feed off his energy.

Cut down on our turnovers

I would like to see our team play within their limits. Slow down. Make the simple pass. Execute the high percentage play.

The development of Ben Simmons’ Jumper

I don’t care if he bricks every jump shot. The win is in the attempt. You have to keep the defense honest. The threat of a jumper opens up the pick and roll too. The more he can knock down jumpers the more of a offensive threat he and the team becomes.

If these things happen on the consistent basis I think we can sneak into the playoffs. 

– Marc


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