Respecting Your Time

I did a small tour from May through June to promote the release of my new book Redemption Lost. I sold some books and met some incredible people.

Then I got a new job and my priorities shifted. My last signing was almost a month ago and I’m in the process of putting together some more tour dates.

I say that to say I always feel like I’m in a time crunch. At first I was frustrated. Then I thought long and hard about how to fix the problem.

I figured you have to stick to a regiment. What I started to do was find small pockets of time to work. Then I try to dedicate at least a few hours on Saturday and Sunday to writing and editing no matter what. Writing is just as important as any other thing I need to do and I’m treating it as such.

My hope is that these small pockets of time will allow me to finish more projects. I have a few that need to be completed like yesterday.

Time management is key to any business structure and I’m ready to be more respectful of the time I do have rather than complain about the time that I don’t.


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