JK Rowling, 95 Million, and unfathomable success

Every year I anticipate reading the Forbes list of top earning authors. Pretty much every year the list is the same. (Where the author ranks sometimes shuffles)

When I saw that JK Rowling was 3rd on the list of top paid celebrities in 2017 I smiled.

I’ve long been fascinated with her publishing journey.

The way you know something is big is when it reaches you without you being invested in it. I haven’t read a single page of a Harry Potter Novel, but I know about him and his story.

I remember working at Amazon and when a new Harry Potter novel would come out everything else became irrelevant.

I knew the books were huge, but when the movies came along this thing exploded.

If I ever got the chance to speak with Ms. Rowling I would ask her did she see this level of success.

Success means different things to different people. I get that, but 500 million books sold and a 8 billion dollar franchise?

Those numbers are insane.

At this point in my writing journey I’m self aware enough to know where I am. Sometimes writers get blinded by the success of others.  Then they measure where they are to where others are.

Building a foundation starts with the fist brick. That brick turns into more bricks. Those bricks turn into a solid foundation. Something you can stand on.

I want sustainable success and I’m being methodical in my approach. I have small goals, intermediate goals, and huge goals.

Here is a quick list of things I think I will help me in my author journey.

Building a serious platform of supporters

Saturate the city I live in. (local, regional, and then national)

Travel outside of my comfort zone

I put together a marketing plan to accommodate the release of Redemption Lost. So far so good.

Can I do better? I think I can.

Let me rephrase. I know I can because I won’t stop until I reach my goals.




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