My First Books-A-Million Booksigning

Over the weekend I did my first signing in a national chain bookstore. I’m not going to lie, it felt good. In some people’s eyes placement in those types of stores legitimizes you.

I feel like I’m legit wherever I go. However I will say that being able to say wherever books are sold certainly does help.

I thought I prepared for the signing. I sent promo material that didn’t make it to the bookstore. At first I was disappointed because I wanted to have some awarness before I actually came to the store. That plan fizzled quickly.

I regrouped and did what I normally do.

Engage with the people. 

I must have handed out over a hundred bookmarks and had a short conversation with nearly every person that walked in the bookstore.

I enjoyed the two hours I spent at the store. The staff was incredible and the people that came into the store listened to my spiel. I couldn’t have been happier.

I’m planning on going back in the near future.

Next time I do a signing we have to order more books and I’m hoping to sell out again.

The tour rolls on…



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