My experience at the 2017 SOL Festival

With a truck full of books, I made the hour and a half drive to Silver Springs, Maryland and paid way too much in tolls. (Sacrifices right?)

I was running off one cup of coffee and not enough sleep. However, once I hit the book festival I suddenly had all the energy I needed.

I was back in my natural habitat.

The sun was shinning and the music was bumping. I was ready to rock and roll.

Once I set up my side of the table I made note of where the readers were going when they came into the book festival.

For the most part I stayed on my feet the entire five hours. When I did sit down it was to sign the books that I sold.

The reason I enjoyed myself at the SOL festival is because I already knew what to expect. When you pay the vendor fee you’re essentially paying for an opportunity to catch readers gathered all in one spot.

The book clubs came out and showed a lot of love and it was much appreciated.

You have to be willing to approach people because they aren’t going to magically appear at your table. A smile goes a long way, too. People buy from people they like and you only have a short window to engage the reader.

Money is cool, but what I most enjoyed about my trip was the opportunity to mingle with the readers. The monetary transaction is temporary, but the support could be forever.

My trip was impactful because I wouldn’t have it any other way and my box was a lot lighter when I left then when I came in.

I passed out dozens of bookmarks, I talked to every person that would talk to me, and I made myself visible. I’m not a small guy so I’m pretty hard to miss.

My only issue?

It was Sunday and I forgot Chick-fil-A was closed.

Man I wanted some chicken.




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