Martin VS. Fresh Prince: 5 Burning Questions To Determine The Better Reboot.

RIP to Tommy and Uncle Phil.

Quick question.

If every member of these two shows were alive today which show would have the better reboot?

Here is an arbitrary five questions to make a determination.


Lets go!

Who is better between Martin and Will?

Martin topples Will and it’s not even close. Once you factor in the characters that Martin plays Will can’t keep up. Although Will’s daily clowning of Carlton certainly does make things interesting though.

Who has the better cast members?

Martin has Dragon Fly Jones. Fresh Prince does not. End of Story.

Who has the better theme song?


Who would have more meme worthy material?

As I stated above, Martin has Dragon Fly Jones. Fresh Prince does not. End of Story.

Does either show have a cast member worthy of a spin off? If so how many?

Sign me up for the Cole and Pam show. Cole’s show is built around his stupidity and Pam’s show is built around her inability to find a man.

You’re welcome.

As far as Fresh Prince goes I would have to go with Jazz. His show would be similar to Cole’s. Would it work? Probably not, but man would I tune in.

Well there you have it folks. Martin’s reboot would be better than Fresh Prince’s reboot.

Be sure to come back next time for more from the versus series.

-Marc Avery AKA DJ Marc Avery on the 1’s and 2’s






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