I Want My Books Adapted To Film

Every time I walk into a bookstore I curiously glance at the books to film section. It’s always littered with novels I didn’t know existed. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie and not know it was adapted from a book. Some of my favorite movies are book adaptations.

I’ve always wanted one of my books to be put on the big screen. I want people to pack the theater and yell at the screen while spilling popcorn. Or high fiving each or having an emotional moment.

I would even be okay with a made for television movie that the producers put time, effort and attention into. (Nothing too cheesy though)

When it’s done right the movie can take a character off the page and breath life into them. When it’s done wrong it can disrespect the source material.

In essence a film gives a book a longer shelf life. It might even make people go back and check out the book.

Maybe one day I can have that experience.

A man can dream right?

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