Top 5 Biopics I want to see

If Straight Outta Compton and The New Edition Story were any indication we are in for some heat!

Here are the top 5 biopics I want to see:

Rick James – Aside from Dave Chappelle’s hilarious skits I want to know more about Rick James outside of a couple of Wikipedia footnotes. I do know that the man was talented, but I want to know about him away from the spotlight. What led him down the road to destruction and what made him want to turn things around.

Master P – Master P has always had an interesting path to stardom. He went from the trunk to the top of the rap game. The colorful album covers. The distinct voice. The hectic album release schedule. He built a brand and laid the blueprint for entrepreneurs to follow for years to come. I think his biopic will be undeniably dope.

Boyz II MenBoy did they have hits. Sometimes I forget just how many they had. Although I knew of Boyz II Men I felt like I didn’t know them. How did they come together? Why did they break apart. How did they feel about Michael Bivins? Did they have bad contracts? How come they couldn’t adjust to the times?

Richard Pryor – He has always been a fascinating person to me. He was raw at a time when it was completely unacceptable. He never took himself too seriously and inspired a generation of comics with his legendary routine.

2 Pac– 2Pac was a chameleon. Whatever the situation called for he could morph into. A lot of rappers don’t have his range and probably never will. Not to mention he was a convincing actor. I think he could’ve had a long acting career well after his rap career ended. June can’t come fast enough.

That’s my top 5. What’s yours?


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