Hidden Figures…In a 150 Words or Less

When I saw the movie poster for Hidden Figures the powerful image of those three women intrigued me. Then I saw the trailer and got further roped in.

Going in I knew nothing about their connection to NASA. Once I experienced their journeys I was blown away. I enjoyed how the movie showed their tragedies and triumphs juxtaposed together in the midst of walking their destined path.

The injustices that they faced weren’t overdone. They were peppered in when they needed to be and they shined a bright light on these women’s awesome accomplishments.

In those times their contributions to American history were huge and they still are to this day. I appreciated the main characters sisterhood and how they fought for what they knew they deserved.

This is a story of pain, perseverance, positivity and progression. A story that needed to be told.

They are Hidden Figures no more.


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