Collateral Beauty…In A 150 Words Or Less

Will Smith is one of my top two favorite actors. (The other is Denzel.) Despite this I haven’t been to the theater to see one of his movies in quite some time.

He inexplicably went on hiatus from 2008 to 2012. The days of a movie printing money at the box office because of his name recognition are long gone. I think at some point he realized this and started doing more intimate projects instead of the blockbusters we come to expect. (I still haven’t seen Suicide Squad)

Collateral Beauty is emotive, depressing, unconventional, a little ridiculous, and sometimes too coincidental. (The final twist in the movie is well done in my opinion.)

For all it’s perceived flaws it hits you in the heart and will connect with people who have lost someone they love.

For that alone the movie succeeds on the common ground of heartache which we’ve all been through.



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