(Road to Publication 4)

On December 18th, 2016, I sit here at my laptop smiling because I can see the finish line. I turned my final proof in and I have a firm release date of 3-1-2017.

I had two amazing editors that challenged me to push myself further than I thought I could. As I look back on their suggested changes this book wouldn’t have been special without their input.

I will update this website with some book promo before the drop date, but in the meantime check out the synopsis below:

Anthony Porter, a young emerging screenwriter and closeted alcoholic, loses faith in family and relationships after he learns of his father’s infidelity.

Then he meets Essence, a girl with, a college degree, her own home, and the perfect smile. Feeling like she is “the one”, he throws himself into the relationship, only to learn of her manipulative and vindictive ways.

Battling with inner demons, depression, and other life woes, Anthony turns to screenwriting as his only solace. Just as things are improving, Anthony learns of secrets that shatter his world again, leaving him wanting retribution, which he will risk everything for, including his freedom.



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