Luke Cage…In a 150 words or less

I thought the real Harlem landmarks, the perfect music selections, and the fleshed out villain(s) were dope.

Luke Cage’s backstory was done well too, but I wished they would’ve explained the experiment that gave him his superpowers in more detail.

I liked how Luke enjoyed reading and he didn’t randomly use his powers to gain anything. Some of the fights are standard fare, but when he got in the zone it was enjoyable to see.

I also preferred Cottonmouth over Diamondback. They both had their strengths, but I felt Cottonmouth was the stronger character.

The political corruption, secondary characters, and the possibility of others out there like Luke Cage will keep people interested, too.

The series ends on a cliffhanger and I’m curious to see where Luke’s story goes and how he ties into the Defenders series….


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