2005-2016: Hotch had a good run

hotch.pngUp until recently I only caught Criminal Minds sparingly. I had my favorite episodes, but I never fully committed to watching until this year.

For the last few months I binge watched the show and I have enjoyed the peaks and valleys of the show. The constant swapping out of main characters. The show runners constant need to top the sickness of the villains.

If I had to pick a favorite character I would say SSA Morgan was number one and then I found out he would no longer be on the show anymore. I watched a few episodes without him and I enjoyed them for the most part. Although not as much as I would have had he been on there.

Then last week I got hit with another gut punch.

They fired Hotch.

I kept saying that in my head: They fired Hotch. Maybe if I said it different in my head it wouldn’t be true.

My initial reaction was searing anger. Then I eventually cooled off.

The bottom line is I’m going to miss Hotch. He was the glue that held everybody together. He was the central figure and the captain of the ship. I can still vividly remember his battle with The Reaper and how much he lost emotionally, physically, and psychologically. His calm demeanor and the fact that he was battle tested always served him and the team well. He was the voice of reason when the team needed one.

Now he’s gone and the BAU will look to another person to fulfill his duties.

Maybe Luke Alvez can replace Hotch and Morgan.

We’ll see.

September can’t come fast enough.

On another note: Who is going to say wheels up in thirty now?


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