(Road to Publication Part 3)

I’ve known about my agent, Joy, since she was with Triple Crown Publications.

Then when she became the acquisitions editor at Urban Books I kept hearing her name being mentioned.

When I worked at 2nd and Charles I stocked her books. The signs were there, but we weren’t supposed to connect until a later time.

I was taking a shot in the dark by sending her an email because I didn’t know what she had on her plate. She could’ve simply told me no, too. I was prepared for that as well.

When she responded to my email some days later I had a glimmer of hope.

When she asked to see a sample of the manuscript I saw the door slightly ajar.

When she told she had a publisher in mind I almost lost it.

I knew her pedigree and what she had done in this industry and it was a no brainer to sign with her.

One day after we went back and forth via email she told me to call her. I was certain this was the part where she said much success in your future endeavors, but no thanks.

My heart was beating so fast when I called her. Her telling me she had a deal on the table was surreal. Soon as she told me that I wanted to get things in motion the next day.

It helped that Joy was an editor, too. Not only did she help me secure a deal, but she is helping become a better writer. That’s far more important than the book deal.

As I inch closer and closer to turning my book in for the final time I know only good things are ahead of me.

All because of patience.

Road to Publication 4 Coming Soon!


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