(Road to Publication Part 2)

As I was saying before everything was lined up perfectly. The cover was done. The book was typeset. All I had to was upload the book so I could print and do E-book pre-orders. Once I did that something weird happened with my ISBN number. (I changed the title of my book. I didn’t think this would be a problem.)

I was wrong.

I called Amazon and the polite woman told me what my options were.

Basically I had to purchase another ISBN and start over.


I didn’t want to purchase another ISBN number when I had one I wasn’t technically using. After banging my head against the wall a couple more times I decided to just purchase another one. Even though that meant I had to alter the interior and cover again.

Some months later I had a book signing at Hockessin Bookshelf in Hockessin, Delaware. (I previously put out a book under the name MQW)

In the midst of doing the book signing I spoke with the store manager, Rebecca. We got to talking about the book industry and everything in between.

Then we got to talking about what other books I planned to put out in the future. I told her about the thriller series I was working on and the YA novel that I had completed.

When I explained the synopsis of the YA novel to her she said more stories like those needed to be told and I agreed.

I gave it some thought and when I went home that night I told my brother and my wife. They told me they supported whatever decision I went with.

I was torn.

I was so close to being able to release this project and I had already waited a long time.

On the flipside what if somebody wanted to offer me a publishing contract?

Now I had been through the process of finding an agent before and I felt totally different because I put the work in necessary to get to the next level.

Author K.L. Brady introduced me to an editor named Marcela Landres. Marcela helped me fix my query letter and gave me tips on how to improve my author bio.

I took her advice and entered a couple of writing contests also.

Now all I had to do was wait until I got the results I wanted and I would be able to complete my query letter. In the meantime I put together a list of five to ten agents I wanted to submit to.

Then I made up a ridiculous timetable. I wanted to find an agent by May 2016 or I was putting the book out myself.

A few months later I got a form rejection email from the writing contest people. I thought I nailed the submissions, but they didn’t seem to think so.

I took it in stride and kept on moving.

I had one more person I wanted to contact and I was nervous as hell about sending this email.

I sent Joylynn M. Ross an email and hoped like hell she responded…

Road to Publication Part 3

Coming Soon!


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